What are ICF’s?

ICF Stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. Basically, it’s an advanced building system that takes the place of typical wood frame construction. Anyone considering building a new home would benefit from exploring the ICF option.

What are the benefits of ICF?

For starters, ICF out-performs the current building code by 60%. A house built with ICF’s is:

  • Energy efficient – heating & cooling bills are about 1/2 that of a traditional home.
  • Earthquake resistant – up to 8.5x stronger.
  • Fire resistant – 4hr fire rating (a typical wood frame home has a 15min. fire rating).
  • Mold & rot proof – with no moisture or nutrient source, no rot or mold can form.
  • Built to stand the test of time – ICF homes are designed to last centuries, not decades.

Why doesn’t everyone build with ICF’s?

There are a combination of factors that contribute to the fact that ICF is still relatively unknown. Firstly, the cost difference used to be considerable. Over the past few years however, the increasing cost of lumber has lessened the gap between wood frame and concrete construction. As well, the rising cost of fuel and electricity has meant that the higher initial cost of ICF construction can be recouped more quickly through the savings achieved by an energy efficient home. Secondly, it takes time to learn the building system. A traditional builder who is not already experienced with ICF construction has no incentive to offer this service unless an existing client is asking for it. We specialize in ICF construction because we know that with ICF, you get a home that is greener, safer and healthier to live in.

How can ICF be used in your next project?
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