Bryce McPherson

A journeyman carpenter since 2008, Bryce earned his credentials under the guidance of an accomplished builder, working on every aspect of multi-million dollar custom homes.  With a passion for building science and a commitment to quality, Bryce launched Blacktree 2011 in response to client request and began building projects including major rebuilds and new luxury homes.


In more than two hundred custom projects, Bryce helped his clients understand the importance of quality building practices and energy efficiency, and began branching into design.  By shaping a project from start to finish, he is able to create a seamless transition from concept to reality.  From this logical standpoint Bryce has been able to create unique homes that incorporate striking design, functional spaces and exceptional energy efficiency. Form or function? Both, please.

Barb McPherson

It's never a good day when your husband tells you he left his job of ten years shortly after your third child is born. Luckily, Barb's superpower is perseverance.  Without missing a beat, she put to work her knowledge of construction and financial management and began building Black Tree Developments from the ground up.  

Having spent several years as a carpenter and several as an office manager for a general contractor specializing in new custom homes, she possessed a working knowledge of construction and an understanding of how to manage a company.  


As the business grew, Barb also found an opportunity to exercise her innate knowledge of design. Raised by a talented interior designer, she had been influenced by the design world for longer than she could remember and found she had an intuitive sense of how to combine materials and create balance.  By combining this with her thorough knowledge of both carpentry and finances she finds practical ways to build the unexpected and create spaces that look and feel extraordinary.

She is a passionate advocate for behaviour-based design and balks the trends in favour of timelessness, character and quality.








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